Boathouse was born from the desire to bring sustainable solutions to everyone’s daily activities. Located in a green and serene area on the outskirts of the city, it was imperative that the design reacts to its surroundings. The first move, therefore, was not to disturb the natural slope of the site. A basement created at the -1200 level negated the need for any backfilling.

– Area: 260 m² – Year: 2019 – Photographs: Noaidwin Studio – Suppliers: Architectonica, Hindware, Jaquar, Mitsubishi Electric, Norisys, Philips, Sun Company, Ultratech, cera – Architect In Charge: Poonam Jolly – Detail Design: Sanjay Rabari – Architectural Design: Varsha Sujit – Graphic Design: Jay Suthsan – Interns:Omesh Shankalpara, Kiran Tvvs – Manager: Rohit Shah – Sustainability Consultant: Falguni Desai – Civil Engineer: Hitesh Rathi – Carpenter: Davendra Boravat – Plumber: Mansukh Agera – Electrician: Bimal Rajoria – Architects: Architectonica Procreate City : Ahmedabad – Country : India

Project Information